Crush Crush

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    Sad Panda Studios

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    Free To Play, Sim, Other

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Crush Crush is a free-to-play 2D dating game developed by Sad Panda Games that can be played in any support Internet browser. In Crush Crush players will meet, flirt and fall in love with a cast of sweet, seductive, and sometimes scary girlfriends. By getting jobs, earning promotions, and boosting your stats you'll be able to impress 14 beautiful girls, but don't think sweeping them off of their feet will be as easy as just that! You'll need to employ a variety of different tactics to woo these lovely ladies!


Jobs and Hobbies: Pick up some jobs and hobbies to advance your skills and impress the girls you're trying to woo. After all, they don't want somebody with no aspirations as their lover.

Time Blocks: Even when you're away from the game you can practice your jobs and hobbies over time, gaining experience when you return to play once again.

Photos: Earn momento photos of your favorite moments on your dates with the girls. Some pics might even be a little saucier if you achieve "Lover" status!

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