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CrushMon is an upcoming free-to-play mobile fantasy ARPG developed by Nexon for iOS and Android where players can become a hero and choose from four different cute chibi characters, using them to drive back the forces of evil. With a ton of different game modes to play and over 120 PvE stages to conquer you won't ever be at a loss for something to do! Who says you can't be cute while defending the world from evil? Gear your own cute chibi characters, collect pets, fight to grow stronger, and push back evil forces in CrushMon!


Different Game Modes: Conquer over 120 PvE levels, play in synchronous co-op game modes, take on towers that can be challenged for epic rewards, and prove your strength in PvP battles.

Varying Classes: There are four different gender-locked classes for you to choose from. Ares is a male that uses a sword, Kain is a male that uses a bow, Marin is a female that uses a hammer, and Tyria is a female that uses a magical staff.

Pets: Collect different pets to add to your party that have both active and passive abilities that can help you in battles.

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