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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Cue Online offers competitive billiards games including straight pool, nine-ball, eight-ball, carom and three-cushion billiards. Developed by Happy Nation, Cue Online delivers realistic billiards gameplay with a custom physics engine and was recently nominated as "Best Game of the
Month" by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Happy Nation's exclusive engine was designed to create as realistic of an environment as possible.  Each ball's movement will depend on each player's style, including stroke power, table contact, spin and strike quality with other balls, the cloth friction of the table and more.
Cue Online offers five different skills that players can increase and improve upon while training. The game's skills include: Power, Spin, Push, Pull and Masse. Unlike other games where players automatically increase their skills as their average scores increase, Cue Online players will see their skills improve only after they successfully use that skill over time. As a result, two players in the same average score can have different main skills of their own, just like in the real life pool play.

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