Dark Ages Review: Another Fine Role-Playing Title


Dark Ages is an MMORPG published by KRU interactive, the spinoff company from Nexon that also runs Nexus TK and Shattered Galaxy. Dark Ages is the sole 2D MMORPG based on Celtic mythology. This MMORPG is a real classic; it was released over 10 years ago, on August 2nd 1999.

Taisteal’s Riddle Quest

ARTICLE Attention Aislings!

I will soon make port from my latest trading run. The recent moons at sea have been quite dull, so to alleviate my boredom I designed a challenge for those who are up to the task. To complete this game, you will need both your wits and knowledge of Temuair. All who manage to

Team Arena

ARTICLE On December 5th, Team Arena Beta will open. This will be a new pvp feature for Dark Ages. The feature is still in development and requires the participation of players to help resolve any bugs or balance issues. This beta testing is limited to characters at level 99.


Players join one

Unregistered Play

ARTICLE Starting on December 10th, all characters on unregistered accounts can log onto Dark Ages and play for an unlimited time. Unregistered characters will have the following restrictions,

-If the unregistered character is level 99, they cannot gain experience, ability points, hit points, mana points,

Item Shop

ARTICLE Starting 4-12-07 Dark Ages Item Shop will be released. You'll be able to purchase ingame accessories, pets, formal cloths, new hairstyles and dye colors, variety of scrolls, bank space bonus and gold space. And many more!