Dark Legends

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    Spacetime Studios

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    Browser, iOS, Android

Dark Legends follows in the footsteps of Spacetime Studios premier title, Pocket Legends, bringing the feel of an action MMO to the comfort of your Ipad or other mobile devices. Dark Legends however is a much darker scenario in which you must lift your blade to defend the vampire nation from total destruction.


The Thirst: Your HP and MP bar act as one, forcing you to make split second life and death decisions between unleashing special attacks and conserving enough life to last until your character's feed bar is full. Action gameplay doesn't get much better than this system.

Powers: The myths surrounding vampires are many and so too are your available power sets in Dark Legends. Master the arts of Fatal Burst, Leap, Hellblade, Vermin Swarm, Shadow Dance, and Unholy Force and mix and match them to make your own unique playstyle.

Drop-in Gameplay: Casually connect and disconnect from your friend's game seamlessly as a true online title should allow. Join up to take on the various story driven missions or challenge them to see who the superior bloodsucker is.

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    Dark Legends offers fast paced mobile online action gaming with a vampire twist.

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