Dawn of Fantasy Online

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    Reverie World Studios

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Dawn of Fantasy takes place in your typical fantasy medieval setting. What makes it unique is that this fantasy RTS takes place in a persistent MMO world teaming with other players and dozens of quests.


Three Differentiated Races: Whether you play orc, elf, or human, you are sure to experience different terrain, different lore, different languages, and tons of unique buildings and units different from your rival races.

Siege Combat: Both offensive and defensive players will be immersed in the most impressive siege warfare to hit the RTS yet. Place strategic defenses, order your battery ram forward, and scale the walls for ultimate victory.

Complex Economic Model: Like micromanagement? Then tell your soldiers to loot the corpses of your fallen enemies after battle. Have a large scale war to contend to? Leave your economy to your advisors and focus your full effort on combat knowing intelligent AI will keep things running smoothly.

Realistic Weather and Seasons: Not only is weather randomized, it impacts gameplay! Utilize unique resources in the summer and winter and out plan your enemies to gain an economic and military advantage!

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