Dawn of Titans

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    NaturalMotion Games

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    3D Medieval, Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Dawn of Titans is a free-to-play fantasy mobile strategy game where players can lead epic titans into huge 3D battles, featuring thousands of troops that are all controlled by none other than yourself! You will have the chance to set up your conquest in the most intimate of ways. Everything from managing your kingdom and training your troops to upgrading your buildings and discovering new titans will need to be done. Only the most skillful commanders will expand their empire as far as the eye can see!


Army Management: Recruit new soldiers at your barracks and upgrade them at the armory. Remember, the stronger your forces the stronger you can potentially become.

Resource Management: By building and upgrading farms and mines you'll collect food and gold. These resources can be used to do everything from construct new buildings to feed your soldiers.

Titans: Every army needs a titan! You can choose from a variety of different unlockable titans to put in your army, each of which can have devastating effects on the battlefield.

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