Dead Frontier Review: Creepy is it’s Middle Name


The game's first impression to me is that it'd probably another failed attempt on creating a "scary" MMO. However, as I played through Dead Frontier, the chills I got were real enough for me to acknowledge that the game does provide the creep factor I never expected it to.

  • Karkat TsundereGeneticist Vant

    Really cool until you realize you can’t play with your friends. Multiple servers, it seems, and you can’t pick which one you enter. If you want a zombie apocalypse game with countless weapons and whatnot, this is great. If you want a zombie apocalypse game with countless weapons and whatnot that you can play with your friends and have backup when going on missions, try somewhere else.

  • Bradman11

    The stats in this game are extremely unbalanced to,such as agility being the most valued stat in the game.And also you can play with your friends,if you press F2 and type your friend’s username (not character name) you will teleport to their server or “instance” as called in the game.Other than that,this is one of the best MMO’s I have ever played,a lot better than the “click this,click that,click there,double click that thing” type of games.Oh,before you step into the action,read the tips and tactics section of the forums,or make a thread in the Q&A section as well.

  • zahidi

    i cant play it anymore please make it availble to and old window version