Dead Star

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    Armature Studio

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    Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Shooter, MOBA, Strategy

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Dead Star is a top-down twin-stick multiplayer space shooter being developed by Armature Studio for PC and PS4 where you have been banished to the edge of the universe, forced into fending for yourself in the depths of space. In Dead Star players can participate in heated matches with up to 10 players on both sides, fighting for resources and fame. Use the piloting skills you've gained from your exile and your own customized ship to take down anybody that dares stand in your path. Do you have what it takes to become the galaxy's most notorious pilot?


Unique Battlefields: Procedurally generated battlefields with differing nebulas, dynamic events, and base types ensure that no match will ever be the same!

Ship Customization: A variety of ships are available for you to take into battle, each of which can have their abilities upgraded to meet your preferred playstyle. Skins can even be earned to help you blast through your foes in style.

Intense Battles: Battle in exciting multiplayer matches where you will participate in dogfights, capture outposts, and upgrade your defenses with the resources you've acquired.

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Game Videos

  • Dead Star Launch Trailer

    Dead Star brings 10v10 intense top-down space battles to life in the most competitive take on the style we've seen.

  • Dead Star – First Reveal Trailer | PS4

    The first official teaser trailer for Dead Star, a sci-fi shooter MOBA where players can use their own customizable spaceship to take down their foes.

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