Demon Souls Review?: Not For the Timid


If you are into hardcore games that make players throw their controllers across the room then Demon Souls is the game for you. Demon Souls is an Action RPG exclusively for the Playstation 3, which is famous for its unforgiving difficulty and broad content. The game is definitely the hardcore game you've been waiting for, especially since most of the games that came out for the nextgen platforms were a bit "easy". Do know that dying in this game is a rather normal occurrence. First of all, I want to make something clear: YOU WILL DIE IN THIS GAME, so don't go around hating yourself after dying more than 20 times on the first stage. For those who think this game is just another Devil May Cry combo-fest, let me state that Demon Souls won't give you satisfying aerial combos and fast-paced action sequences; instead, players will be playing as characters with earthbound skills and a mortality rate of real people in a demonic invasion.