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    Digital Confectioners

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Depth is a 3D team-based horror shooter developed by Digital Confectioners that can be purchased on Steam for PC. Players will experience the tension-filled atmosphere of the deep sea as either a diver or a shark. Divers must work as a team to discover treasure, along with completing other various objectives in different game modes, and avoid being killed by a player-controlled great white shark. The newest multiplayer game mode, Hide and Seek, divers must elude the shark and stay hidden. If a diver is found and killed by a shark, then that diver will join the shark and hunt down the remaining divers. Hunt or be hunted in this thrilling horror game.


Unlockable Upgrades: As divers progress they will unlock gadgets and weapons to help them evade and neutralize the shark. Sharks will unlock enhancements for themselves and become even more menacing.

Suspenseful Atmosphere: The murky depths of the ocean serve as the perfect environment for this tension-building game.

Offline or Online: An offline game mode with AI serves to help players hone their skills before trying out the variety of online multiplayer game modes.

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  • Depth ‘Blood and Gold’ Trailer

    Trailer showcasing some of the visceral action of Depth, a team-based horror game where divers search for loot and avoid sharks.

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