Destiny Online Review: Who Says Playing Won’t Pay?


Destiny Online is your typical F2P MMORPG with a flimsy storyline and a myriad of game features that aren't innovative in the MMORPG scene. These features are definite necessities for providing a mix of entertaining game play and an interesting online game which Destiny Online brings in spades.

For the Tribe: Destiny Online’s Expansion Pack Unveiled


We are glad to announce that we are going to release "Glory of the Tribe", the 3rd expansion pack of Destiny Online, in mid April. The long-awaited new Tribal War will be highlight of the expansion, along with the raising of the level cap, the indispensable new Super Pets and avatar items.

Destiny Online Christmas 2009


Destiny Online will celebrate this holiday with you by providing brand new monsters, brand new mounts and even brand new maps.

Destiny Online Interview: Keeping Up with Good Features Includes FaceBook


Mac: Destiny PetVille is a Facebook application that was built based on Destiny Online. You can consider it as a "Spin-off" of Destiny Online. Facebook provides a way we can communicate with our players more directly and more instantly and we do actually have a pretty active community on Facebook

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      hello, in my country, I have find a another version of Destiny. It has some different because the designer changed this game depend on the different of custom . Do you want to try?

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