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Hurry to the seas! The world of Discovery Online is waiting for you!
The game takes place at the beginning of the discovery era from the 15th to the 18th century when intrepid adventurers begin to conquer the seas all around the world. You may start in Europe, the birthplace of the explorers or in the oriental sea where the powerful Ming dynasty navy of China rules. Dozens of cities are waiting to be explored. You may prefer become a rich merchant trading goods from China to Europe and rise a personal Online fortune. You can also create or join a consortium and take control of a city with your fellow mates. But be careful, even if you become a famous lord of the sea, adventures are always waiting for you…
Game Features:
- Exploration of the seas and over 70 cities around the known, at the time, world
- A total freedom of movement with a free-floating camera and a 360 degree of camera movement.
- A unique system of fishing: use your net to catch fish and obtain some valuable items
- Build and customize your own ship among the over 60 models available.
-There is no class system in Discovery Online, in its place there is a skill system where player decide to their specializations and can change it if they want to.
- Join a consortium and take control of a city, earn tax from the cities sales and port tax.

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