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Dream of Mirror (known as DOMO) is a free to play, anime-style MMORPG. Initially released by Aeria Games in 2007, and shut down in 2012, DOMO has now found a new home with publisher Suba Games.


A Social Experience: Relationships are central to DOMO: you can be in friendships, student-teacher relationships, and romances. You can even find your special 'soul mate,' marked by a love line between two characters based on their birthday.

Four Races: Create a character from four races - humans, sylphs, sprites, and shura.

Over a Dozen Professions: Each newbie will begin as a commoner, and can choose from thirteen other professionals, including Martial Artist, Shaman, Dancer, Thief, and more.

Pets: Tons of adorable pets exist in DOMO, and must be cared for lovingly. Raising your pets level also allows you to ride them as a mount!

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