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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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Dragon Blood is a free-to-play browser MMORPG developed by 101XP that takes place in a vast world that has been threatened by an immense and evil force. You will awaken after a thousand-year sleep; dazed, confused, and with dragon blood coursing through your veins. By using your powers to your advantage you will be able to tame vicious dragons and force your enemies into submission, but only if you've got the guts to handle such beasts.


Unique Character Class System: Initially your character will only be able to start as one of two classes, but these soon branch out into hundreds of different mercenary builds that will give you a nearly unique playstyle.

End-Game Content: You won't just be left hanging once you've reached the end of the game. Regular content updates will feature new promos, events, and quests so you'll always have something else to do.

Turn-Based Combat: Battles will be fought in turn-based combat where you will be able to study your enemies' and strategize against them.

Mounts: Tame fierce dragons and other fascinating mounts that will show off your true strength to your peers.

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