Dragon Eye Online

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  • Developer:
    Game Nerd Productions

  • Genres:
    Free To Play, Fantasy, 2D Fantasy

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Dragon Eye Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG featuring a class-less progression system and a player-driven economy. Unite a series of factions and restore order in a world devastated by mana-seeking intruders.

Business Model: Free to Play with the option to subscribe for additional content.

Microtransactions: Aside from the monthly subscription fee, none.

Key Features:

By the People: Dive into a universe sculpted by user interaction.

Diplomat: Engage with the various clans to learn their stories and gain their trust.

Handiwork: Craft items and trade with others to access new levels of content.

Quid Pro Quo: You can go it alone, but your progress will be accelerated by helping and being helped by friends.

Upping Parameters: Level up attributes for success in combat.

PKer: Challenge another combatant 1v1 or take your chances in open combat.

To Do List: Earn great rewards in completing hand-crafted quests, finishing dynamic dungeons, fighting incredible bosses, and discovering time-exclusive events.

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