Dragon Fable Season Finale: Friday the 13th!


Darkness is strongest on every Friday the 13th, and this year, 2011, there is only one. Sepulchure has been waiting very patiently for the darkest day of the year to arrive and that day is Friday. Be part of this grand battle this Friday at 8 PM.

Dragon Fable Review: First Impressions


When one comes across a browser game he expects a game with crap graphics, poor game play and horrible community. He or she usually assume that the game will be full with children who think downloading will give them viruses and blow up their computer. Dragon Fable is an animated fantasy RPG that can be extremely addictive.  Although Dragon Fable is F2P (free to play) it has an exclusive "members" option.  This is called the Dragon Amulet upgrade which unlocks exclusive areas and powerful items. Dragon Fable is constantly updated and is totally worth your time especially since you won't spend anytime downloading it!

Artix Interview


Great Interview with Artix von Krieger (Adam Bohn), Founder of Artix Entertainment, Zorbak, Ebil blue moglin bent on world domination and Twig, little yellow moglin.