Dragon Heart Online

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  • Developer:
    Mira Game

  • Genres:
    2.5D/2D Fantasy

Dragon Heart Online is a free-to-play strategic MMORPG.  You assemble a troop from several types of units, and perform a variety of tasks to gain experience and gold to buy better equipment.  Dungeons are randomized to ensure no two encounters is completely the same.  Since battles are turn based, you have plenty of time to plan and act accordingly, which is quite uncommon from a modern MMO.


Strategic Combat:  Using a variety of units and skills, Dragon Heart Online allows you to master the battlefields!  Unleash devastating attacks and skills, and combine abilities for even more power!

Strong Pet System:  Pets are one of your strongest allies.  Hatch, feed, and develop your pet into a fiercely loyal protector, complete with their own skills and inventory.

Random Dungeons:  No two runs through the challenging dungeons will ever be the same.  Dungeons are gated by checkpoints, and only completing the tasks your given will you advance.

Diverse Quests:  With Main Quests, Encounters, and Mercenary Tasks, the player can explore the story of the world, its characters, or just make a bit of coin.

Equipment Upgrading:  Inspired by similar games, the loot you get in Dragon Heart Online is completely random.  You can, however, upgrade items in power, as well as appearance, giving you complete control.

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