Dragons of Atlantis

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Dragons of Atlantis is a browser based fantasy RTS where players struggle to survive in the lost world of Atlantis. Four tribes are at war with one another, each trying to save themselves from destruction. You must utilize military strategy, guile, and the powers of the Ancients to thrive, expand, and conquer. Train and develop a dragon as well to help you in your quest to become the savior of humankind.


Browser Based Strategy: Choose from one of four different clans: Amazon, Zolmec, Primus and Solerian. Build a city from nothing to a prosperous hub of trade. Train and develop your troops to defend your lands and conquer new ones.

Resource Development: Build farms, quarries, mines and lumber mills to gather the resources needed to grow. Upgrade these facilities to further their growth.

City Growth: Develop homes for your population, science centers for researching new technology, and house your own personal dragon. Fortify your defenses, while building and training an army. Raise and lower taxes to keep income generating, while keeping people happy at the same time.

Blend of Quests and PvP: Quest based system helps grow your city and expand logically. Strike out against other players, and form alliances, guilds and trade routes in order to drive your opponents away.

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