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  • Developer:
    Blackfox Studios

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Enter the Dreadlands in search of "Glow", the rare element Glontium, in this turn based strategy MMORPG.

Business Model: Retail Price

Microtransactions: Yes - Additional gangs as well as additional story campaigns available as DLC.

Key Features:

Gangs: Instead of races, Dreadlands will feature several gangs, each with a unique playstyle and backstory (lore).

Classes: Unknown

Build Your Hub: Your hub will be your base of operations, where you heal units, use the workshop to upgrade and repair equipment.

Explore a Shared Worldmap: Go out in search of bunkers, old ruins, and AI gangs to fight, all while keeping your eyes out for the valuable Glontium ore.

Watch Your Back: You can encounter other gangs in the wilderness outside the base. You never know if they'll be friend or foe!

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