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    Landon Podbielski

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Duck Game is a 2D pixel MOBA developed by Landon Podbielski and is available for purchase on Steam for PC. In Duck Game players can experience the thrill of the year 1984, a year where ducks were free to fight among each other for all of the glory they could attain. Players can customize their own duck with entertaining accessories and take it into battle against other players in Multiplayer mode, or attempt challenges in Singleplayer mode. Players can even enjoy the game with their friends in local multiplayer, but make sure you don't blink otherwise you might get roasted!


Intense Combat: One hit is all it takes to eliminate you and your enemies, so you will need to keep on your toes. Duck Game's hectic combat will have players laughing, shouting, and strategizing against each other.

Simple Controls: Duck Game's simple control scheme makes it easy to pick up, but does reward skilled players as well.

Level Editor: Players can create their own levels and show them off to their friends.

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  • Duck Game Trailer

    The official Duck Game trailer by Adult Swim Games featuring some of Duck Game's gameplay.

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