Dungeon Punks

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    Hyper Awesome Entertainment

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Fighting

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Dungeon Punks is a buy to play fantasy arcade style brawler being developed by Hyper Awesome Entertainment for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The world of Dungeon Punks is full of magic, mystery, and the corporate greed of the RezCorp resurrection insurance agency. As long as you're willing to pay your resurrection insurance premium, then death is no longer a problem you'll have. You will need to do battle against a variety of creatures, beasts, and utterly weird people if you wish to uncover the secrets of this organization and take down the head honchos!


Tag-team Combat: Fight as two different characters with completely different move sets, using their differences to your advantage.

Customizable Characters: Outfit your characters with their own magical equipment to make them an even larger force to be reckoned with.

Ride Beasts: Fight and ride different creatures throughout the world like saber tooth cats, unicorns, and even gorillas.

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Game Videos

  • Dungeon Punks Launch Trailer

    Dungeon Punks is now available on Steam as well as Playstation 4, Vita, and Xbox One.

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    Dungeon Punks looks fun! It's a tag team brawler and it's coming soon! The tag-team fighting system is unique and amazing, and if you want to see it in act

  • Dungeon Punks Announcement Trailer

    Dungeon Punks brings vibrant 2D animated sprites to life in an epic intense co-op brawler experience. Check out this first glimpse of gameplay.

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