Dungeon Runners Shuts Down January 1st


NCsoft's Free MMO Dungeon Runners will shut it's servers down on January 1st 2010.

Current subscribers to the game get quite a lot of freebies to make up for their loss.


This is the full letter to the community written by the Lead Producer and Developer of Dungeon Runers, Stephen Nichols:

Dungeon Runners Review: Newbie Friendly

REVIEW From the company that has brought games like Exteel, City of Heroes, Lineage II to the MMO industry. NCOsoft introduces an MMO which puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “don’t take yourself too seriously”, Dungeon Runners (DR).

NCsoft heaves out Dungeon Runners content update

ARTICLE NCsoft’s Dungeon Runners team is keeping things cool for its players by launching a new content update that provides some frosty surprises including snowmen, a new dungeon, new items and improvements to the waypoint system.