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    PlayWith Interactive

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Eclipse War is an MMORPG by Playwith Interactive that brings all new gameplay elements to the genre. Players are thrust into a fantasy world where two races are battling for ultimate control of the continent, Karis. Harness the power of the living world around you and take the form of any of the monsters and beasts you find in this brand new adventure


A War of Two Races: Live out the epic action when Rumen and Kaligo races clash. Each race features 4 playable classes at launch, Warrior, Battle Priest, Magic Stormer, and Hunter. Character builds will vary from every single player, and the use of Transformation cards will change the face of the battle on the fly.

PvP, Your Way: Eclipse War Online brings different elements of PvP together into one fierce war between two races. Choose to ambush and sabotage the enemy in open world combat. Or head into the battle arena for organized team matches. Eclipse War even offers an exciting new 3 Lane AOS type PvP mode complete with towers and minions.

Character Transformations: There is no reason for hunting to be a mindless grind anymore! All beasts and monsters in Eclipse War can drop a special Transformation Card, allowing your character to take their physical form. Each transformation has different stat boosts for different roles, and will allow the character to unlock special skills for each card!

A Living World: There are many different things that will constantly be changing the way you play! Learn what transformation to use based on your mission. All species have a combat advantage or disadvantage based on their target species.

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  • Old Timer

    Let me see….The graphics are not that special, more like the same stuff I see on most MMO’s. Quests that give exp and items–Typical, etc.etc. To be fair, the ability to transform into different monsters that I’ve defeated piqued my interest. Kinda something new. ^_^

  • onetitanum

    Yeah right seems like the graphics are not that good, but i think the character transformation thing is one advantage of this game.

  • Coolguy42

    I saw the game trailer in Youtube the Graphics is quite awful, it’s not yet Unreal Engine but I like its unique system which is character transformation. But what is AOS type PVP? or what is the actual meaning of AOS?

    • Sophia Colleen Mejia

      Dunno but think of it as a MOBA-PVP of sorts.

  • Coolguy42

    I saw the game trailer in Youtube the Graphics is quite awful, it’s not yet using Unreal Engine but I like the unique system which is character transformation. But what is AOS type PVP? or what is the actual meaning of AOS? is it similar to other moba games?

    • Faye

      Yeah, I agree with you on the graphics. Compare to the other games, this one is still on old fashion. But I like what they add on the game features. Transformation card and AOS or MOBA style PvP is a bit unique for an MMO type of game for me. Lets see if this feature can cover what they lack on graphics.

  • Awithist

    i dont have any idea on AOS type PVP, i tried to google AOS and found this . Looks like AOS PVP type is pretty awesome.

  • Spiralone

    Looks like the game was old but the game was definitely a unique sytem called character transformation, i can’t say that the game was extraordinary but the game has a feature i wanna try. I can’t wait to play this game still waiting to finish the download so I can test this out and i can give more feedback afterwards.

  • Steven C. Lane

    “Transformation” cards huh? Sounds interesting enough. Add the day and night factor, this sounds promising. Let me try this and see if they can deliver what they promised i cant wait to try this game.

  • sibnok1993

    When i tried the game since like i was playing way back in 2005 it reminds me on KO and RO. but the game has something rare which is the character transformation thing, i can say that i enjoyed the game even its looks old.

  • sibnok1993

    I tried this game and looks like i was being teleported way back in 2004. But i can say that the game has a unique feature which is character transformation thing it reminds me of KO and RO. Looks old but the game is worth a try for me.

  • oozzyman

    Had a lot of fun with the game everytime i’m using character transformation. I just noticed that the game was choppy especially when i turn around my character. Hope they can improve that.

  • San Sung

    i was chased by the boss giant rabbit, i thought he will not kill me because i’m on disguise. Lol . I love the character transformation though. xD

  • jellybean

    Aside from the character transformation i found their PVP system great because it is AOS pvp type. Hope i can use my skills in Dota or Lol here. xD

  • Emperor

    i’m a bit confused with the character stats, my character is warrior but when i’m looking on my character stats his magic power is more higher than my physical damage? . Didn’t add my skill stats yet since i created my character coz i’m a bit confused.

    • Silentguest

      Me too. my character is a warrior and i’m adding my points to physical damage and i didnt experienced any problems. 🙂

  • bestluck

    I checked the website and i have seen that the last day of CBT is on March 11. What is your level now?

    • Crosspath

      yeah i saw that too and ryt now i cant log in to the game. Hopefully they will release the OBT as soon as possible.

  • Jasper Goldberg

    Interesting game but I haven’t tried the game the CBT ended already when I saw this

    • Dreamer987

      just wait for their CBT :))

  • PeggyStar

    i saw their official page on facebook that the release of their OBT is by the end of April. So anxious on the release.

  • Arianne

    Whoa! there is a new post stating on the official facebook page that April 24 is the release date of OBT. i can’t wait to play the game again. ^_^

  • dheshie

    OBT was released ! I tried the game and the character transformation makes the game unique.

  • Amalager

    My character was wiped. Oh well, time to make a new one then.

  • dheshie

    Waaah i got hooked on collecting transformation cards!

  • Faye

    Been playing the game for 5 days now. So far I have no luck on getting a transformation card of a mini boss. Been killing this boss named [Boss] Gorda, and till now I cant get his card. Is this normal or the drop rate has a bug?

    • Sophia Colleen Mejia

      Boss monster has a fairly low card drop rate. But I get good cards by combining old ones.

      • nutter

        yup…I agree with you on that!

  • Tanthalas

    Transformation system was a nice idea and will keep some people addicted to the game just grinding bosses all day trying to get ultra rare boss cards. But the game is extremely poor overall, and there’s barely anyone playing. I can’t see it lasting very long.

    • nutter

      i have to agree on you with that. but hopefully this game will survive. they really have a great game play because of the transformation system.

      • Sophia Colleen Mejia

        Yeah, especially that they’ve done updates. The animations for the Warrior is changed and the character model for the Kaligo hunter is much cuter now.

  • Sophia Colleen Mejia

    I think I’ve seen 3-4 updates already. Keep up the good work!

  • myfaye

    Is it true what I read on some post in facebook? This is game is now in Steam’s Green Light? Nice Eclipse War, keep it up! I definitely vote for this one.

    • Sophia Colleen Mejia

      Well, we still need to vote for it to be included in steam.

      • nutter

        done voting !

        • Sophia Colleen Mejia

          How are you able to vote? I installed steam but it won’t allow me to vote. Says I need to purchase something first.

          • nutter

            i just voted… it didn’t asked me anything. though i can’t seem to post or comment in their forums. It sucks!

    • nutter

      Let’s vote and support EWO ^_^

    • Guest

      yup you’ve read it right 😉