Eligium Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Shanda Games

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Eligium takes place in a world recovering from a great and terrible war with demons. The war lasted many years and most of the valorous heroes of legend were lost in the struggle. However, with these great men banished to the pages of history, greed and corruption arose in the brief period of resulting peace. This greed took men as far as to think that they could profit and gain power by releasing the seal on the demonic world once again to harness their forces for personal gain.

With the great heroes fallen, the only hope left is a prophecy of The Chosen One. Rise up as The Chosen One, unite the four races, and banish demons from this world once and for all.


4 Races- 5 Classes: Rise as a Human, Elf, Silvia, or Panda and take up arms as a warrior, hunter, druid, mage, or fighter.

Pet/Mount System: Raise your pet from a small baby to a large and powerful beast that you can mount in combat.

Large Scale PvP Warfare: Join up with over 100 players in large scale siege warfare.

Enormous World: Prepare for a grand journey as you fight through countless dungeons and bosses in your attempt to map out this epic sized MMOscape.

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