Elo Hell

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Exacto Games

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    Strategy, Sim

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Elo Hell is the love letter to all things eSports, create a young ambitious character and take them through all the hardships of becoming a champion having started from nothing. Commemorate the rapid expansion of eSports by experiencing realistic objectives and interactions, such as balancing several facets of life, while working hard to achieve life-long dreams, available for Microsoft Windows.

Live, Laugh, Love: The campaign will immediately shut down if the Life Building System meters (job, family, school, social) falls below a certain point, take care to maintain equilibrium.

We are the Warriors: From fan to super star, becoming a champion is no easy task. Starry-eyed players must start, and work their way out, at the same place everyone does: the cesspool of low elo.

Echo Star: The title in question to master. Echo Star is a mix of MOBA and RTS, as well as being broken into two sections: macro strategy and micro action.

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    Elo Hell is a love letter to esports, presenting gameplay that resembles a mixture of a visual novel narrative with RTS elements of gameplay. Can you get y

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