Ember Sword

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  • Developer:
    So Couch Studios

  • Genres:
    Free To Play, Fantasy

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Ember Sword is a fantasy MMORPG featuring a world driven by player engagement. Dictate the pace and nature of your adventure and help build a universe shaped by yours and other players' decisions.

Business Model: Free to Play, With the Option to Subscribe for Non-P2Win Features

Microtransactions: Yes; Cosmetics & Game World Real Estate

Key Features:

Classes: None! Engage in combat however you see fit.

No Lootboxes: Earn your items either through PVP/PVE, or via in-game trade.

Persistent Sandbox: Evolve the game world over time with other players.

Never Miss Your Friends: The single server infrastructure ensures everyone can play together at any time.

Join the Team: Leave your mark on the game by designing and submitting character models, skins, and emotes.

Digital Ownership: Truly own your items with the help of blockchain technology.

Real Estate Broker: Buy up valuable land and dynamically alter an adventurer's experience by placing resources, monsters, and NPCs as well as creating particular services and experiences.

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