Endless Fury

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    Game 321

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Endless Fury is a side-scrolling, 2D action game made in the style of Metal Slug or Streets of Rage. Players customize a roster of characters and build skills through beatdowns and boss fights.


Boss Fights: Endless Fury is all about climactic battles with powerful bosses.

Core Story: Endless Fury tells the tale of youths lashing out against shady corporate powers. The main quest-line and gameplay supports this.

Special Abilities: Crushing criticals, iron defense, and oceans of hit points - Endless Fury is all about pumping those stats.

Elite Instances: Players can band together for challenging and difficult instances in order to have a chance at the game's most powerful loot and rewards.

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Game Videos

  • Endless Fury Trailer

    A sample of the gameplay and menus in Endless Fury, the side-scrolling action RPG from Game 321.

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