Ensemble Online

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    SemiFormal Studios

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Ensemble Online is a free-to-play, open world strategy game with RPG elements. Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and some smartphones and tablets, Ensemble encourages you to thoughtfully gather resources, control territory, and construct your world, all while balancing careful diplomacy between friend and foe.


Open World Construction: Build a peaceful farming colony, or conquer the most popular land and defend it with a fortress - it's up to you!

Expansive Map: Millions upon millions of tiles mean that Ensemble Online's world is so expansive, you may be the first to discover what's over that next sand dune.

Diplomacy System: Allies can harvest your farms - but your defense towers will only attack enemies. Will you share bases with your friends as a safe haven, and who can you trust?

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  • Chuckforit

    The link goes to an empty website (I think the developers closed it)