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EpicDuel is a player-versus-player MMO set in a sci-fi universe where players can choose between three fully-customizable character classes, the Tech Mage, Bounty Hunter, and Mercenary, and fight millions of other players with a variety of high-tech weaponry.

Developed by Artix, the EpicDuel planet is an ever-expanding space adventure filled with dangerous space creatures and a deep world ready to be explored. Survive by upgrading your character's abilities by purchasing armor and weapons and fighting other players inhabiting EpicDuel!

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  • amyrodz


  • alex

    soy level 40 legendary chetooo

  • Zornex

    my score is in the negatives for this game. i played it for 3 days and couldnt get
    to lvl 10 i lost just about every one of my matchs the charector
    building stats do not make any cents and its so different then their
    other games that and the tutorial is as much help as sandpaper is when
    you need toilet paper stay away from this game its a failer negative 5
    stars if you want something good go play mechquest or dragonfable