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    SportsPlus, Inc.

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EsportsPlus is a betting game developed by SportsPlus, Inc. for iOS, Android, and browsers where users can put their eSports knowledge to the test by making bets on eSports match outcomes. EsportsPlus is as simple as choosing your match, placing your bets, watching the action unfold, and collecting your winnings. After all, who wouldn't want to add even more excitement to their eSports viewings by having their hard-earned points on the line?


Win Skins: Win skins and other cool virtual items by redeeming the points that you've won.

Dice-rolling Game: Try your odds against a roll of the dice when you can't find any upcoming matches that you want to bet on.

Popular Games Supported: Some of the most exciting eSports games to watch like CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, CoD and more are supported for you to make your wagers on.

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