Eternal Fury

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    Proficient City

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    Free To Play, 2.5D/2D Fantasy

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Eternal Fury is a 2.5D massive multiplayer online role-playing game featuring fantasy kingdom management, turn-based battling, and hero-summoning mechanics. Long ago the Ruler of the Underworld invaded the Human Realm to conquer and rule over the gods. However, her lofty ambitions came crashing down in the face of overwhelming resistance from the Five Kings of Midgard. Now, the stage is set for a grand new age of forgotten gods, brave warriors, and unspeakable evil.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Going Against Goliath: Take down even god-like enemies with an incredible arsenal of devastating attack power.

To Adventure!: Complete a series of exciting story missions to amass a wealth of valuable resources.

Lord Commander: Reinvest earned rewards into managing, constructing, and upgrading a capital city of epic proportions.

Pump Those Numbers: Increase your overall battle rating by leveling up, unlocking new skills, and equipping high-quality gear.

From the Ether: Recruit mythical companions like Merlin, Thor, and Frigga for the tough journey ahead.

Head to Head: Test your might against the best players from around the globe in the competitive arena.


Knight - Light and justice seeking Human Alliance soldiers. Wields long swords, great blades, heavy or light armors, and also functions as a DPS-Tank hybrid.
Archer - Forest dwelling hunters thoroughly disconnected from society. Masters of efficient takedowns with the help of a long-range firing crossbow.
Mage - Life-long scholars of the eternal vastness of nature. Unmatched in dealing and healing damage as a staff-wielder.

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