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    2.5D/2D Fantasy

Eternal Saga is a browser-based MMORPG from R2Games. Choose from the Umbra, Luma, or Astra factions, and pick the Warrior, Hunter, or Mage class. Adventure and earn equipment that you can upgrade, while using your old equipment for either cash or upgrading your mount. Daily activities, including dungeons, fishing, a PvP arena, Legion Wars, and AFK systems will let you be constantly busy.


AFK System: Need to step away for a bit, or tired of grinding? Set your skills and let the game take care of it for you. Or, if you want, go relax on the beach and earn experience and wisdom while sunning yourself.

Morph that Pet!: An extensive pet system allows you to train, fuse, and even morph the appearance of your pet.

Daily Events: A variety of daily events, including dungeons and fishing, will wait for you.

Upgrade Equipment: Enchant, Refine, Fuse, and Evolve your equipment to become even stronger.

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