Eternity Warriors 3

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  • Developer:
    Glu Mobile

  • Genres:
    3D Medieval, Fantasy

Eternity Warriors 3 is a 3D freemium action RPG developed exclusively for mobile platforms. It comes with all the usual features one would expect of an established franchise in the genre: multiple character classes, lots of action, and a grueling loot hunt. On top of that, it supports player guilds and PvP tournaments.


Dynamic Combat: Don't want to get hit by an enemy? Interrupt his attacks with your own. Timing and positioning separate the good from the dead.

Loot Worth Hunting: With the ability to upgrade every piece of gear you own, nothing goes to waste. Every monster slain brings you one step closer to maxing out your arsenal.

Balanced Progression: Ever started a mission only to find out that you couldn't complete it at your level? Not in Eternity Warriors 3. A smooth leveling curve and clear mission marking both ensure that you'll only get in over your head when you want to.

Endless Mode: Maybe you don't feel like doing missions, forging weapons and armor, hanging out with your guild, or fighting other players. Test against the Lord of Hell's minions in Endless Mode, where nothing but eternal battle and infinite loot await you.

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