Ether Saga Odyssey Launches Future’s End Update


Faced with extinction, the mortals of Middle Kingdom join forces to save their race and battle even tougher monsters including the legendary Risen Phoenix. The Future's End content update will present some of the most challenging content seen in Ether Saga Odyssey thus far.

Ether Saga Relaunching as Odyssey!


Perfect World Entertainment announced that Ether Saga will be relaunching as Ether Saga Odyssey on April 27th. This new chapter in the Ether Saga story will present a robust pet training system, an upgraded game engine, an improved UI, and a plethora of new content.

Ether Saga Online Review: Where’s my bunny?


Pets, pets, pets and more pets! Pets and minions have always been an obsession to me. If a game didn't provide these awesome creatures I wouldn't be interested.  This is exactly the reason why I was so amazed by Ether Saga Online, a game created by Perfect World Entertainment, the creators of Perfect World.  The game had everything I wanted! Fast combat, flashy skills, billions of slave-.. pets, beautiful graphics and life skills. I didn't hesitate a moment and tried to download it from three different sites, to see which one would be the fastest. After ten exciting minutes I was able to enter the game and make my dreams come true, but I should have known that dreams will always remain dreams....

Ether Saga Online: The Obscurity Preview


The Ether Saga "Land of Obscurity" dungeon has been available for raid sized groups of players for a while, but now The land of Obscurity is finally coming for smaller groups to explore if you dare.

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