Europe 1400

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Establish your own dynasty in a medieval city: Become a prestigious craftsman, a cunning merchant or a dodgy scoundrel. Produce high-value goods to sell at the market or concoct evil schemes.

In Europe 1400 your job is to found a family dynasty in a medieval city: develop an economic empire by pursuing a profession, become an expert trader and climb the political ladder. To help you achieve your goals, a number of above-board options are available to you, but you can also choose to take the dark path of intrigue.

You own a residence, which you can gradually transform into a grand palace from the small hut that you start off with. You also own production workshops, in which you can produce numerous types of goods.

The goods, which range from simple resources to powerful artifacts can be bought but also sold at the marketplace for a profit. You can also trade directly with other players via your warehouse and take advantage of fewer price fluctuations than at the market.

As soon as you have gained enough wealth and influence, you should consider starting your political career. A range of offices offer you a multitude of privileges and benefits, allowing you to expand your sphere of influence and eradicate any unwanted competition.

But beware! Taking the dark path of questionable methods may have you thrown in the dungeon or on the dungeon master's rack faster than you can blink an eye. And remember: there is nothing wrong with a little cleverly spun intrigue - as long as it remains undiscovered.

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