Evolution: Battle for Utopia

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy, Shooter

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is an RTS/shooter hybrid developer for tablets and mobile devices. Players begin as a refugee on a distant planet called Utopia, and fight for survival, to unlock mysteries, and even build their own extensive base.


Real-time Combat: The game's combat system is played in real-time, allowing individuals to react to enemy actions and traverse a pseudo-shooter environment. The strategy gameplay is similar, and also played in real-time.

Custom Bases: Players develop large bases, filled with many different building types. There they can research upgrades, enhance their resource gaining potential, equip themselves, and create new units.

Touch-screen Optimized: Evolution: Battle for Utopia has been designed from the ground-up as a mobile game with touch-screen support. It's designed to be used in conjunction with touchscreens, and has gameplay built around it.

Deep Story: There is a long storyline in the game, and players fight to uncover the mysteries of the planet Utopia. Paths open up and decisions are made as the story is pushed through.

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