Fairy Story Online Review: VISUAL ANGELS FTW!


Fairy Story is a fantasy MMORPG that takes place in a world on the brink of destruction. The actual art of the game doesn't really fit the setting. Must it always be cute characters living in a dying world? Anyway, according to legend, these cutesy critters are actually creatures drenched in sin (how could something so cute be this evil? Geez MMO! Stop torturing my mind!). Due to the folly of their ways, the gods were forced to abandon the world, filtering their supposed blessings thus turning it into a dying wasteland. After slowly being consumed by darkness, some of the world's inhabitants started to retaliate to stop the "99th" destruction of the world. The storyline is actually quite generic in my opinion, especially since it proved that all MMO gods enjoy giving up on mankind. Brushing the storyline aside, Fairy Story supposedly has a decent system in store for MMO gamers. The game won various awards in China from what I've heard, so I guess it's safe to expect something good fromit. Let's see what Fairy Story Online has to offer, shall we?

Fairy Story Interview: Stepping Into Wonderland


Fairy Story is a new 3D MMORPG, which has just gone into Open Beta in July. Published by the relatively new company, Ngames, this really colorful and interesting game is set to captivate the hearts of many players! What kind of company is Ngames? What features are there in Fairy Story that will make it stand out from the competition? Is there PvP in such an adorable game? Let's find out.

Large Q-3D MMORPG Online Game Fairy Story is coming


The full name of NGames is NGames Information Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in February 2010, it is an interactive entertainment enterprise comprising of network game development, operation and promotion. The company is committed to providing high-quality games and services for players, with secure game environment and strong back support. Through the improvement of technology, innovative concepts, thoughtful features and personalized service, the company has established a large-scale integrated entertainment platform, game321, including online games, animation, friends making, etc.