Fallen Earth: F2P Apocalypse


In Fallen Earth there aren't any pesky police to bother you with laws and regulations. In fact most of the quest line is spent with you taking up the role of sheriff and bringing your own kind of justice.

Fallen Earth F2P Interview


I had the chance to sit down with Joseph Willmon and Marie Croall to speak about Fallen Earth's transition to F2P, upcoming content, and the state of the game.

Fallen Earth Goes F2P This Week!


Starting October 12, players will be able to login and experience the entire game without needing to purchase a retail copy or activate a subscription.

Fallen Earth Review – The Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox MMO


The apocalypse has come and gone, rage-infected monkeys or zombies didn't cause it, it wasn't super-heroes and it wasn't some jumped-up hippy blue dragon. It was caused by Icarus Studios in the form of the game, Fallen Earth, and now we just have to survive it.