Final Fantasy XIV: 4.05 Patch Chat

ARTICLE Okay, so it’s the next update to Final Fantasy XIV! There are a variety of updates, and the complete patch notes are over here. Some of it can only be accessed if you have Stormblood, but I don&...

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Launch Review

REVIEW By Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor A storm of blood approaches. The rally cry in Eorzea has been sounded, and Final Fantasy XIV has released its newest expansion, Stormblood. FFXIV players have ...

This Just In: FFXIV Removes Free Trial Timer

ARTICLE One of the worst things about trying an MMO is not having enough time in the day to try it. 30 day trials, 14-day trials, none of these are helpful if you only have a few hours here or there to try it...

Final Fantasy XIV Job Changes/Updates Discussion

ARTICLE Okay, so we’ve been hearing that there will be some Job Changes coming in Stormblood, the latest expansion for my personal favorite MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. But, what the Hell does that mean? Do ...
  • Diiih Fontinelle

    F2P? ? ? ?

    • currently on 50% off sale via steam for 7.99 usd — although you comment is 2 years old.

  • Arkilleus

    Nope it’s Pay to play £8.99 and a lot more for the $.


    what’s the point if they’re telling us it’s f2p
    when it’s NOT

  • Carljess