Sony Online Entertainment Announces Four-Fold Shut Down

ARTICLE Sony Online Entertainment has just announced the news that it will be shutting down four of its games in the next few months: Wizardry Online, Vanguard, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, and Free Real...

Halloween MMO Events 2013

FEATURE By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Editor   Halloween has come again and in fine MMO tradition the spooky and fun events are in full swing. We’ve got a massive list of the events going o...

Free Realms Celebrates 3rd Birthday


Through a truly customizable gameplay experience, Free Realms allows players in an online world to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Saddle Up Your T-Rex or Dragon, Rides Now Available in Free Realms


What’s better than having a T-Rex or a Dragon as a pet? Having a T-Rex or a Dragon to ride you around in Free Realms! Dragon and T-Rex Rides are now available to transport players, with more Ride options coming soon.  Players on Rides can have all the fun in-game adventures they had before rides, but at quicker travel speeds. Rides are super-fast and let players travel around Free Realms at more than 150% of their normal speed.