Free Jack Enters Full Release with New Modes


It has been an exciting testing and balancing period the last half year as players from around the world tested out the Parkour racing game known as Free Jack! Game Bridger Entertainment has heard the requests of the players, fine tuned many aspects, and is about ready to put their seal of approval on Free Jack at long last! Free Jack will be entering its released state as early as May 12th. To celebrate we will gain access to a new exciting competitive mode known as Graffiti mode.

FreeJack Review – Hop with Style


Lace up your running shoes, folks because it's time to hit up the urban jungle in FreeJack, a racing game published by GamerKraft that's focused on the underground sport of Parkour AND Free Running (For those that don't know: Yes, there IS a difference between the two!) While FreeJack has nothing to do with a 1992 sci-fi film about bounty hunters transporting some guy's mind into the body of a dead millionaire, it features foot racing in tons of urban environments where you run, jump, dash, dodge and vault your way to victory.

Parkour Racing Game FreeJack Opens In-Game Item Mall


Game Bridger Entertainment, a global publisher and distributor of interactive online entertainment media, announced today the grand opening of the in-game Item Mall for its new free-to-play parkour racing game, FreeJack. To celebrate the release, Game Bridger Entertainment is giving away an extra 10% GamerKash (item mall currency) with each deposit made before October 20th, 2010!

Freejack Starts Open Beta In October


Freejack announced today that its open beta test will begin on Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 13:00 EDT (18:00 BST). Players that sign up for the open beta using Facebook Connect prior to the October 1st start date will be automatically entered into a contest to win an Apple iPad and other great prizes!