Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Cartoon Network/Grigon Entertainment

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An unstoppable force has traveled the galaxy for millennia, consuming countless planets and civilizations. Its next target is Earth and...

You are the last line of defense!

Dive into the Cartoon Network Universe

From futuristic skyscrapers to mystical ruins, enter an enormous action-packed universe unlike anything you've seen. Mix it up with stars of Cartoon Network like Ben 10 and Billy and Mandy - but expect a surprise when you do.

Show off your inner hero

Planet Fusion is invading the Cartoon Network Universe, but we won't go down without a fight. Create your avatar. Grab your gear. Then get your friends and kick some Fusion butt! The universe is counting on you - no pressure.

Experience nonstop MMORPG action

Only here will you find tons of console game action smack-dab inside a massive online world. You and your friends can jump, slide, bounce and fight your way through dynamic environments that'll keep you on your toes. Think you can keep up?

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  • FusionFall trailer video

    A video presentation of the new MMO FusionFall, based on the Cartoon Network universe. Create your character and save the Cartoon Network world!

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