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Galactic Junk League is a free-to-play sci-fi MMO shooter developed by PIXEL FEDERATION for PC, Mac, and Linux that is currently in Alpha stages and will go through the greenlight process on Steam in Q4 2016. The old prosperous universe has now become a post-apocalyptic dump full of rusty, galactic junk. With little left to amuse the masses, they have constructed savage arenas where any and all types of junk have been modified into super advanced weapons. Galactic Junk League uniquely combines tactical sandbox building and skill-based multiplayer shooting into a single, cohesive game. Here you'll be able to combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves and shoots, no matter if your preference is agile frigates or lumbering battleships.


Ship Construction: Create your ship from dozens of types of construction blocks, weapons, armors, and special abilities to make it your own.

Arena Battles: Prove how strong you truly are in different types of arenas where not only the strength of your ship will determine battles, but so will your wit as a pilot.

Rewards: Use the spoils from each of your matches to purchase new construction blocks and visual effects to further impact your ship's performance and appearance.

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