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  • weedsmoker

    cool game for sci fi freaks

  • Galaxy legion player

    I’m not exactly a sci fi ‘freak’ and the only thing I like is watching sci fi movies but I love this game, almost been playing for 2 years now. such a great game and so easy to get into it when you speak to others and get apart of legions etc

  • UnknownVenturez

    getting harassed by higher levels kinda ruined game ty anyways

  • Cherno

    This game is really fun but I’m scared of being attacked… The more you are attacked and disabled, the more people attack you. Your combat reputation gets lower and lower until everyone is preying on you and you have to restart. This game is very unfair but I suppose PVP is never fair xD So as long as you’re bigger and badder than someone else it should be fine.