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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Galaxy Online is a massive real-time strategy game set in the vast expanses of the universe. The game design is very flexible, allowing players a great amount of freedom in dictating where they go and what they do.

Players can find new planets, study their resources and decide, how and when to utilize them to their advantage. However, players must remember they are not alone in the galaxy and they must compete with other players for these resources. You can lead the simple and exciting life of a businessman, assessing profit and loss from material resources, or lead a fleet of warships into battle to expand your inter-galactic empire.

While most MMORPGs confine their players to a strict set of rules, and a highly structured gaming environment, Galaxy Online takes the opposite approach. We set down the basic rules of operation and let players discover the rest. Adventures, battles, exploration and more are all left to the players to discover for themselves. Concepts like character levels, experience gained, and others do not retain the same significance, instead, a higher priority is placed on strategy and success, whether economically or militarily. Before players can begin to develop a planet, they must consider how to efficiently exploit the planets resources, how to use those resources, and how to protect those resources. Careful consideration must always be taken or your empire may fall.

Warships tend to be the most important part of the game. They are not simply machines of war, but a means of transportation, leadership, and protection. Galaxy Online features tons of hulls and modules for players to use to design a warship blueprint and then create it. Warship hull and module stats have been designed both elaborately and accurately. What a player decides to do with cannon slots, missile slots, shield values, armor values, structural integrity, and storage can all affect the warships capability. Even after a warship has been fully designed and built, there are thousands of warship facilities available to modify a warships' attack power, defense and other stats for individual or unique missions and goals.

There are many factions to choose from in the universe of Galaxy Online, but the Corps are the most active and stable organization or them all. In the Corps, players study Corps Science to increase their knowledge and power and fight together against enemies. Players can completely control their role in their Corps, whether that means acting as the leader or as a simple subordinate officer. Corruption, rebellion, espionage and much more are available to players as tools to assist in realizing their Galactic ambitions. So, before you invite someone new into your Corps, you had better consider the implications carefully.

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