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    3D Medieval

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Game of Thrones Online throws you straight into the action of Westeros. Build a house, align yourself with potential kings, and fight to claim castles in the name of glory and political power.


Epic Siege Warfare: Fight in 20v20 battles for keeps, 30v30 battles for forts, and 50v50 battles for Castles including siege machinery and capturable points within the castle.

Action Combat: Use the 1, 2, and 3 buttons to launch low, medium, and high attacks along with 20 skills you can master. All characters are classless so you can build yourself up any way you'd like.

House System: Align yourself with a major house and vie for political control of Westeros. There can be only Hand of the King per week and only the top clan leaders will be able to maneuver the chips on the board to claim this lofty title.

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