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Game of War: Fire Age is a free-to-play, mobile MMO strategy game. Build and customize your empire through researching technology, crafting new gear, training heroes and armies, forging alliances, and conquering the world one kingdom at a time. An international release means thousands of other players, and a special chat translation engine lets you smack-talk them all.

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  • Daniele Trovato

    Hi everyone,
    does exist a strategic (like civilization or similar) also “not free” in necessary, flash/browser based,I can play online with my friend, without play a match in a huge eternal mass world?

    • Daniele Trovato

      The problem arise when me and 4 friends, usually playing boardgame toghether, decided to move playing online because we are to far and to busy to meet each other in the same room more then 1 time every 3 or 4 months.
      Then we tryed to install and play Civilization4, but the different platform (mac, pc, etc…) the difficulty to install the on old machines etc… blocked our tentative. The kind of game I’m looking for in this thread can solve the problem.