Gears 5 – 4 Mutator Escape Gameplay

The Gears of War team is here with eleven minutes of Gears 5 Escape Gameplay, with 4/8 Mutators enabled. This includes the dreaded, horrific “Aggressive Venom”.

Gears 5 – E3 2019 – Terminator Dark Fate Reveal

Buy and play any edition of Gears 5 or play Gears 5 with your Xbox Game Pass membership by September 16th, 2019 to receive the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring the T-800 Endoskeleton.** ...

Gears 5 – E3 2019 – Kait, Broken

Bound by Blood. In Gears 5, play as Kait, a conflicted hero torn between her duty to her squad and a mysterious pull to her sworn enemy, the Swarm. Explore vast new worlds, face brutal new enemies, an...
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