GEO: Grand Epic Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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  • Developer:
    Run Up Information Technology

  • Genres:
    2.5D/2D Fantasy

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Grand Epic Online is one of the most detail oriented browser based Fantasy MMORPGs on the market. The game plays like an old school 2.5D dungeon crawler but in beautiful traditional asian themed graphics that almost seem too good to be completely hosted within a browser. All the action is face-paced and cut throat. You had better use your 9 hot keys well, as danger lurks around every turn.

The game offers great character customization with a huge number of character attributes you can strengthen to build the ultimate fighting machine. These stats can be increased in the typical grinding and questing method, however you can also use the various unique systems to gain power such as reincarnation, dual immortal practice, and a journey of Enlightenment. Powerful titles can also be obtained as a result of these side missions, unlocking your character's full power. All this must be mastered and utilized if you wish to rise the ranks as one of the top player killers around.

Grand Epic Online features wonderful record keeping, allowing you to keep track of the total number of monsters and players you have slain in your adventures. You can even see how many times you have died, what your total elemental affinity is, and what your prestige rests at, all in the click of a button. It's surprising that a browser game has gotten this right while so many client based MMORPGS still lack the same features!

Grand Epic Online even features a full blown crafting system for those who tire of meditation and battle!

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